Trombone Quartet

The nationally and internationally acclaimed ensemble has always endeavoured to show the trombone in all its facets, thus even attracting the attention of such renowned concert halls as the ‘Musikverein Wien’ or the Vienna ‘Konzerthaus’. As a consequence, the musicians have succeeded in bringing the formerly underestimated trombone into classical concert halls, thereby inspiring and thrilling whole audiences.

Their celebrated appearance at the famous ‘Stresa Music Festival’ in Italy as well as performances in Germany, France, Italy, Greece and Hungary show that today’s audience can still be charmed and delighted by a young, up-and-coming ensemble. Because of their many innovative ideas the four highly motivated trombonists can offer their listeners a very interesting and different sound experience.

The trombone quartet loves to play many different styles of music and different genres: Old Masters such as Palestrina or Gabrieli performed on baroque instruments. Orchestra works and string quartets arranged especially for the quartet, Poetry or literary works set to music and performed with actors (Max and Moritz) as well as Jazz Standards, Modern Jazz, arrangements with Jazz trio – Contemporary compositions dedicated to the ensemble.
The trombone quartet performs classical concerts, plays gigs at Jazz festivals, forms the musical centrepiece at Baroque Music Days and can also custom tailor programs to your wishes by selecting musical pieces from a myriad of different styles.