Cuarteto Cameselle

Four musicians from three different continents, brought up under very different circumstances –  in a village, a small town and in a major city – with a totally different cultural backround come together under the terms of opera, jazz and classic.

They have known each other for some time, met at various occasions, talked above a cup of coffee about their different opinions and perceptions. They wanted to learn more about the music of their opposites, discover common passions and developed the desire to make music together, therefore Cuarteto Cameselle was founded.

The musicians of Cuarteto Cameselle dedicate themselves to Tango and the Tango music of Gardels, Goyeneches and Piazzolla. With deep respect the musicians approach the music of these famous composers and interpreters and seek their own way and style of playing. Temperatment and passion, longing and melancholy inspire the musicians on their journey. In this way everyone can find his and her own Tango, musicians and audience alike.

Enclosed you can find Balada Para un Loco and Mi Buenos Aires querido.