Flip Philipp Quartett

Rhythm and musical curiosity accompanied Flip Philipp already as a child . When he was only 14 years old, he already began his studies of drums and percussion at the Music Universtity in Graz. Today his favourite instruments are mallet instruments like vibraphone and marimbaphone as well as different types of drums. Moreover, the vibraphone is HIS instrument when playing Jazz, and the one with which he can express himself best. He taught himself to improvise on this particular instrument with the help of transcriptions he made himself of various pieces of music, which he had heard and liked. He likes to instruct pupils with all the things he had learned and experienced himself.

The Flip Philipp Quartett is consequently characterized by all the ideas and improvisations of this extraordinary artist. The repertoire includes groovy Jazz pieces reaching from Standard compositions to his own compositions.

Cast: piano, vibraphone, contrabass, drums

Repertoire: Cole Porter, G. Gershwin, Jimmy van Heusen, Milies Davis, Thelonius Monk, Herbie Hancock etc.