Classic Guitar

The guitarist Angela was born in Vorarlberg and began her musical career already in her early childhood by learning to play the guitar. She moved to Vienna in 2005 to study at the Universität for Musik und Darstellende Kunst, her main subject was guitar. During her studies abroad she received not only classical guitar lessons but also Flamenco classes. She finished her studies in 2012 and 2013, apart from her experiences at university she also was taught how to play popular guitar at Prof. Arnoldo Moreno. Moreover, she decided to learn piano as her second instrument and studied how to conduct choirs and ensembles. Apart from her musical activities including concerts, studies, performances, which already led her to Germany, Liechtenstein, Poland and Spain, she startet teaching guitar and e-guitar at music schools in and around Vienna.

Her classical repertoire includes among others A. Piazzolla “Verano Porteño”, Q. Sinesi “Contre Marea”, F. Moreno-Torroba “Castillos de España”, M. Giuliani “Rossiniana 1” and F. Sor “Variationen über ein Thema von Mozart”.

Her repertoire (guitar and voclas) for weddings and baptisms reaches from “The Rose” by Bette Midler to “Love of my life” by Queen and “All of me” by John Legend as well as “Apfelbäumchen” by Reinhard Mey.