Human Beatbox feat. Ambassade Quartett Wien

The Human Beatbox Christian was born in Carinthia and engages himself with the human voice on various levels. Besides his career as Human Beatbox he plays Didgeridoo and jaw harp. He teaches playing the Didgeridoo, overtone vocal techniques and Human Beatbox and is one of the docents at the summer academie Zakynthos. Moreover, he is contract teacher at the social college (the voice as source of strength and holistic body training). Besides using the voice as an instrument, he is also interested in the body as source of strength and is Hara Shiatsu practician, motions pedagogue and theatre pedagogue.

The musicians of the Ambassade Quartett Vienna are professional musicians on the highest level and specialists for classical music. Moreover, they are always interested in new and innovative projects. This interest led to the cooperation with Christian and the fusion of classical music and the vocal sounds of the Human Beatbox.

Human Beatbox feat. Ambassade Quartett Wien present W. A. Mozart’s Divertimento 136, D-Dur

  1. Satz accompanied by Beatboxing
  2. Satz accompanied by a Didgeridoo
  3. Satz accompanied by a Maultrommel

Sound Examples

Human Beatbox feat. Ambassade Quartett Wien: Mozart Divertimento Nr 136 D-Dur – 1. Satz