Jazz pianist

The pianist was born in Braunau/upper Austria. He started to play the accordion as a child and switched to piano as a youngster. Long before “world music” was getting popular Roland had his own melange of different styles in his ears and in his head, including Tyrolean folk songs as sang by his grand mother, classical music as taught in the local music school, and Jazz and Rock`n`Roll. As a professional musician he has played with some of the most established musicians in the Austrian music scene, such as Kurt Ostbahn, Erika Pluhar, Hans Theessink, Hans Söllner and others.

Together with the vocal ensemble Insingizi from Simbabwe and the Ambassade Quartett Vienna, he founded MoZuluArt. Since than he is the one and only pianist who can combine a classic upper mordent with the authentic township-groove. MoZuluArt is a fusion of traditional zulu music with classical music based mainly on Mozart’s compositions hence the name MoZuluArt.

As a jazz pianist he focuses on piano adaptations of famous Pop and Jazz compositions e.g. Your Song by Elton John, or Send in the Clowns by Frank Sinatra. Another emphasis is on songs which became world famous through films e.g. „Making Whoopie“ from „the fabulous baker boys“ or Charlie Chaplin’s „Smile”.