Gigga Neunteufel is an actress, moderator and master of ceremonies for business events, balls, congresses and any events similar to that. She develops the guiding thread through every event and includes the important interests of the company in a charming and natural way. Knowing Vienna flawlessly, she writes special theater pieces for companies that fit the situation and location of the particular event.

Gigga Neunteufel is known for presenting and performing by slipping into the personality of a historic character. The international audience is usually delighted and enthused. Furthermore, she is able to perform fluently in four languages. Her repertoire includes over 100 figures of the Austrian history. Among others she performs as Alma Mahler-Werfel, Johann Nestroy, Johann Strauß, the court ladies of the empress Maria-Theresia and the empress Sissi (countess Fuchs/countess Lyrisch) or the founder of the Albertina archduchess Marie Christine.

Gigga Neunteufel is an expert when it comes to storytelling, for example she often tells the story of the tea butter during her perfomances. Since more than 10 years she is greatly successful with her „Erlebnistheater“, one of the many segments  of acting she developed. She incorporates amusing details of Austrian history into her performances, for example the fan-school or the spanish court ceremonial and mixes them with elements of cabaret.

Together with the musicians of the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna, Gigga Neunteufel creates a wide range of events and gives the audience an understanding of the music and the occurrences of different eras.

Three more videos are: die Geschichte der Teebutterdie Fächerschule  and das spanisches Hofzeremoniell