Born 1971 in a little town in lower Austria, I started early to draw and paint. Drawing caricatures and painting faces was always in the center of my attention right from the beginning. After studying graphics and painting at the university of fine arts in vienna I worked as an art teacher for a couple of years. But my love for drawing faces came back – since winning a competition in 2003 i work as a fulltime cartoonist and more. I live in Purkersdorf near vienna together with my family.

As live caricaturist he can turn every event into a very special one. The guests, colleagues or clients can take a piece of entertaining memory home with them. He usually sets up his equipment at a certain spot at the venue, where people walk by to get entertained with small gags.

He is Austria’s first and only digital live caricaturist and regularly booked for congresses, incentives and events. The working processes is projected in real time on to an screen and becomes a totally new, fascinating experience for the audience. Moreover, little jokes now and then with horns, warts or tattoos emerging suddenly lead to regular and enthusiastic laughter among the guests.