Two days, four distinct locations – the ideal setting for creating two unforgettable days for Enersys, complete with artistic highlights!

Here’s a glimpse into the festivities: The first evening commenced at a Viennese “Heurigen”, where guests were treated to a medley of artistic performances, including a charming children’s choir presenting “The Sound of Music”, a lively “Schuhplattler Performance”, and a delightful “Heurigenmusiker Trio”. On the following day, guests were welcomed to the Konzerthaus Wien, where a dinner party unfolded with the accompaniment of “Fanfare Players” and a grand entrance by uniformed Guards and traditional costume-clad Girls. The Ambassade Orchestra Vienna graced the occasion with an exclusive concert, captivating the 650 attendees. Our prodigious “Little Mozart” enthralled the audience with his piano performance, while a troupe of “Walking Acts” in costumes (featuring Strauss, Mozart, and Beethoven) posed for photos with the guests. To conclude the evening, a Jazz Band provided entertainment during the post-dinner drinks and dessert.