The accomplished saxophon player is known for her musical versatility and convinces with charm and charisma but most of all, with her highly professional and expressional saxophon play. Whether on small or big stages, her passion for music and her style distinguish her music. Apart from her career as a solo musician with her own band, Barbara Paierl played with well known bands, eg. The Boss Hoss or Anna F.

She founded the ensemble Elastique, the name of the band characterizing it’s most important feature, the flexibility of the band in terms of size: She is the front woman of different ensemble sizes: from duo to quartett.

„Èlastique“ presents groovy jazzsounds, that are ideal for show blocks as well as background music and lounge acts. The programme is presented by extraordinary musicians who know whats important to create atmosphere with music. Apart from world famous jazz standards, the musicians present songs of Herbie Hancock, Roy Hargroove and Joe Zawinul which they mainly arranged themselves and therefore have the characteristic style of these extraordinary musicians.

The repertoire includes for example “Cold Duck Time” (Eddie Harris), “Booty Swing” (Parov Stelar), “Mercy Mercy Mercy” (Zawinul), “Watermelon Man” (Herbie Hancock), “Halleluja I love her so” (Ray Charles).

A video of Bring down the birds by Elastique.