Mario’s Jazz Corner

The Band is characterized by the highly developed sound culture of the three musicians. Each of them has developed a very warm and deep as well as indvidual sound on his instrument, that merge to a immediatly recognizeable sound unity. The instrumentation is typical for jazz ensembles especially trios, nevertheless the musicians also include modern and classic elements into their creative work. Therefore, the repertoire is manifold and includes jazz standards, own compositions and classic works arrangend for this specific instrumentation and style.

The three brilliant, virtuous and funny characters are able to do what seems rather impossible: they connect the best elements of different epochs, so for example does Monti’s „Csardas“ meet Countysounds, Tschaikowskys “Valse Sentimentale” transforms into a Jazzwaltz and it feels that Bach’s Air rises into the sky like a bird in the sunrise.

Here you can find a video of Mario’s Jazz Corner.