Willi Weitzel

Willi Weitzel’s full name is Helmar Rudolf Willi Weitzel, he is one of the most famous presenters in Germany’s children’s programmes. He became known with his TV series „Willi wills wissen“, which he presented from 2001 to 2010 and for which he was awarded with several TV prizes, eg. The ‘Robert Geisendörfer-Preis’ of the evangelican church, the ‘Bayerischen Fernsehpreis’ and the ‘Erich-Kästner-Fernsehpreis’. Moreover, Willi presented the „Willis Quiz Quark Club“ and „Willis VIPs“ in the Bavarian TV. Im March 2009 his film „Willi und die Wunder dieser Welt“ was presented in cinemas, which more than 385.000 people have seen until now.

Together with the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna he recorded the CD „Peter and the Wolf“ and produced a DVD at the same time, explaining how the music finally ends up on a CD and introducing the different instrument to the children, in a way easily understandable for children. In 2010 he performed „Peter and the Wolf“ live at the Frankfurter Opera house. After he received the Adolf Grimme Preis in 2010 himself, he took over as the moderator of the evening for this well known TV Prize in 2011. Above all he presents and hosts different events around Germany.

Trailer of the DVD can be found here: Teil 1, Teil 2 und Teil 3