Ambassade Orchestra Vienna

The Ambassade Orchestra Vienna was founded during the Johann Strauss Anniversary year of 1999. Michael Buchmann and Alexander Kaspar, manager of the ensemble, had the idea to emphasize the entertaining element of classical music in an informal, but highly professional style. After a number of concerts in Austria, the orchestra organized an open-air tour through South America, with an audience consisting of up to 12.000 people at each concert. Furthermore, the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna toured through Monte Carlo and Japan, where it performed together with the Japanese Band Quruli and recorded a CD in the aftermath of the tour. In the following years the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna was invited to perform in the Arabic Emirates as well as at the Life Ball 2002. Various concerts and productions with national and international artist followed e.g. with José Carreras, Sarah Brightman, Wolfgang Ambros, Christian Kolonovitz, Willi Weitzel.

Moreover, the orchestra supported the well-known Austria Stunt pilot Hannes Arch at his show „Rhythm and Air“, which Hannes Arch had developed together with Noisia. The Ambassade Orchestra has also worked together with Lidia Baich, the Austrian violin virtuoso, several times, amongst others at her concert programme „Rock meets Classic“.

The Ambassade Orchestra Vienna is always searching for new ideas, cooperations and projects to combine musical and artistic elements, that are often incompatible with one another other at first sight, but develop and merge with each other to form a new artistic highlight. One of these projects is MoZuluArt, the fusion of traditional zulu music with classical music.

The standard repertoire of the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna reaches from entertaining classic works e.g. ouvertures, waltz, polka, operetta to symphonic works and original compositions.

Exclusive programmes and individual concerts and cooperations with various artists can be arranged and organized

Cast: from six-piece-orchestra to symphony orchestra

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