Ambros singt Moser

Together with the Ambassade Orchestra Vienna and with Christian Kolonovits as conductor, Wolfgang Ambros produced a hommage to the famous Austrian artist Hans Moser. The protagonists had the idea to unite the power of a classical orchestra and the voice of the famous Austro-Pop Singer with the traditional Wienerlied and the humoristic way of Hans Moser to something totally new. A very diversified project on the artistic level which is at the same time a tribute to Hans Moser and a bygone era. The audience may wallow in memories of old times while Wolfgang Ambros sings all the songs that made Hans Moser and Paul Hörbiger popular: ‘Die Reblaus’, ‘Hallo Dienstmann’, ‘In da Kellergassen’, ‘Der alte Sünder’ and many more.

The first album ‘Der alte Sünder’, which was honour with gold and even platin, was a huge success and consequently the second album „Ambros singt Moser – Die 2te“ was recorded, which as well won gold status.

Under the following link you can find a report about the CD-presentation of “Ambros singt Moser – Die 2te”.