Cargo Partner Event

To mark the inauguration of a newly constructed warehouse, we sought a distinctive showpiece to showcase the venue’s versatility. An awe-inspiring Aerial Silk Acrobatics Show, held twelve meters above ground, featured two talented artists performing on aerial fabrics, captivating both our audience and drawing attention to the new facility. This dazzling performance served as the highlight of the Cargo Partners’ customer and partner event, leaving a lasting impression.


Two days, four distinct locations – the ideal setting for creating two unforgettable days for Enersys, complete with artistic highlights!

Here’s a glimpse into the festivities: The first evening commenced at a Viennese “Heurigen”, where guests were treated to a medley of artistic performances, including a charming children’s choir presenting “The Sound of Music”, a lively “Schuhplattler Performance”, and a delightful “Heurigenmusiker Trio”. On the following day, guests were welcomed to the Konzerthaus Wien, where a dinner party unfolded with the accompaniment of “Fanfare Players” and a grand entrance by uniformed Guards and traditional costume-clad Girls. The Ambassade Orchestra Vienna graced the occasion with an exclusive concert, captivating the 650 attendees. Our prodigious “Little Mozart” enthralled the audience with his piano performance, while a troupe of “Walking Acts” in costumes (featuring Strauss, Mozart, and Beethoven) posed for photos with the guests. To conclude the evening, a Jazz Band provided entertainment during the post-dinner drinks and dessert.


Barranco has been organizing Adecco’s annual international managers’ meeting for several years. In their event held in Vienna, we created a captivating “typically Viennese” opening night with the Ambassade Quartet Vienna and Waltz performances. The second evening featured “One of Us”, a unique show where Adecco employees from around the world performed for managing directors. Ten exceptional singers from employee submissions were selected. We organized a 15-piece string ensemble around Barbara Helfgott, produced arrangements for the songs, as well as two additional numbers, that were sung by all the candidates together. The result was a Las Vegas-style show with stunning visuals, all exceptionally hosted by one of our show masters.