Cargo Partner Event

For the inauguration of a new built warehouse, a very special show should highlight the versatility of the new location: an Aerial Silk Acrobatics Show, that should take place at twelve meters height. During the breathtaking acrobatics show the two artists performed on a cloth each, which was fixated over the heads of the guests, and brought the audience to wonder but also the new building the desired attention. The dizzying performance was the perfect showpiece of the customer & partner event for Cargo Partners.


Two days, four different locations. A great challenge to fill this time with many of our artistic highlights! The evening for Enersys began with a special Heurigen visit, which extended over three locations due to the size of the group: Therefore, the stunning Sandra Pires with a children’s choir as family Trapp, a Schuhplattler performance group and a Heurigenmusiker trio performed alternately in the three locations. The following evening, the guests were welcomed to the Konzerthaus Vienna and to the dinner party by fanfare players and our guards dressed in uniforms. Moreover, girls, dressed in traditional costumes, were handing roses to all female guests. The Ambassade Orchestra Vienna gave an exclusive concert for the 650 guests, our “Little Mozart” enchanted the audience during his Show on the piano and “Walking Acts” in costumes impersonating Johann Strauss, Wolfgang A. Mozart, Johann Strauss and Ludwig van Beethoven were available to the guests for photos. After the dinner a swinging jazz band entertained the guests during drinks and dessert. Two exciting days that will be remembered by the American audience for a long time!


Since several years, Barranco has been organizing the annual meeting for the managers of the different regions and territories for the international company Adecco, thus an international event with participants from all over the world. At the annual meeting that took place in Vienna in 2017, we were asked for help with the entertainment program for the event. The opening night was themed “typically Viennese” and so the Ambassade Quartet Vienna and four waltz couples entertained the guests in the Spanish Riding School. On the 2nd evening, the show “One of us”, designed by us and Barranco, took place in the exclusive premises of the Magna Racino. The idea behind the show was to bring Adecco employees from all over the world to Vienna and have them perform in the evening in front of the managing directors. For this purpose, a mailing was made to the employees of the company to ask those who like singing to send a video with a song that they would like to perform at the conference in Vienna. In the end, ten outstanding singers from the numerous canditates were chosen. Not only did we organize a 15-piece string ensemble around Barbara Helfgott, who accompanied the singers with a band, but also produced the arrangements for all 10 songs and two additional songs, that were sung by all candidates together. The months of preparation culminated in a stunning show that resembled a Las Vegas Show with all the light and video effects. The whole evening was moderated by one of our sympathetic and excellent moderators.